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Bikes and Ellipticals Repair

As All Fitness equipment ages with use and time, there will be notable increase in noise and a decline in the performance of the machine. As Bikes and Ellipticals contain numerous moving parts you will periodically need these inspected to maintain them at their peak.

These machines are often neglected and dont receive the care and maintenance they deserve, which creates faults and potential harmful issues that require the repair or replacement of parts such as Seats, bearings, Grips, Belts or Electronic components

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Gym Repairs

At JTECH Services and Installations we understand the importance of having perfectly tuned and working Fitness equipment whilst your clients workout. Nothing is more annoying than a squeak here and whine there.

Our Specially trained technicians completely understand how the all Fitness machines should operate no matter how simple or complex it is, having this knowledge maximise its productivity and provide the results your clients are looking for from every set and every rep…"

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Treadmill Repairs

Our specialty is the service and repair of all brands of Treadmills. We will inspect, Diagnose and repair your treadmill. We have a lifetime Guarantee on all labour supplied and 120 days warranty on all parts replaced.

We will also comprehensively advise you during the course of the repair process, of what was at fault, how it occurred and what you will need to do to stop any reoccurrence of the fault in the future. We will also train you on the correct methods to do basic maintenance to keep your equipment in shape longer!"

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